IVV.SL is an independent company entered in the Companies Register of Lanzarote whose sole purpose is to manage the rights and obligations of holiday rentals. IVV.SL will be the sole partner to any contracts entered into with guests, tenants and interested parties.

The IVV.SL website offers customers information in three different languages (German, English and Spanish) about all the essential aspects of the holiday rental such as location, appliances and furnishings and prices. Guests can ask any questions about holiday accommodation by phone, email or through the website.

In response to a request, customers will usually receive a written offer. The dates included in the offer will only become binding once the guest has accepted them in writing and IVV.SL has confirmed the reservation.


Once booked, guests will be able to use the holiday accommodation from 2:00pm on the arrival date.

On the departure date, guests must vacate the accommodation no later than 12:00pm. Guests must have removed all their belongings from the premises by this time. Under exceptional circumstances, guests may agree special terms and conditions with IVV.SL.


General reservations: After accepting an offer and signing a contract or making a reservation, guests will be sent an account number to pay their deposit into. The deposit amount will be 20% of the total agreed price. Guests will receive confirmation of the booking once IVV.SL has received the deposit. Once booked, guests will have sole use of the holiday accommodation during the requested period. Guests must pay the cost of booking the accommodation as indicated in the below table.


Advance reservations (near-term): This means reservations made one to eight weeks before arrival: Payment of 100% of the accommodation price will be required after the reservation has been confirmed.
Advance reservations (medium-term):

This means reservations made three to eight months before arrival: A 20% deposit will be required upon making the reservation. The remaining 80% must be paid four weeks before arrival.

Advance reservations (long-term):

This means reservations made nine to twelve months before arrival: A 20% deposit will be required upon making the reservation. Payment of 30% of the accommodation price will be required six months after the reservation is made. The remaining 50% must be paid four weeks before arrival.


All IVV.SL invoices, deposits, intermediary and final invoices must be paid no more than ten days after guests receive them. IVV.SL will only check and consider as paid amounts that have been deposited in the account indicated on the relevant invoice.


If a guest is more than 20 days late in paying an invoice, IVV.SL may terminate the contract without cause and offer the holiday accommodation to other customers. However, IVV.SL must terminate the contract in writing. If a guest fails to make a payment, all their rights to submit a claim will be subject to a time bar limit.


If customers who make long-term reservations (nine to twelve months before arrival) indicate that they would like to book a specific property, IVV.SL will offer them the option to reserve it. However, this option / reservation agreement will be valid for a maximum of three months from the offer date. If the customer does not complete the reservation within this timeframe, the option will expire.

Once the option has expired, IVV.SL will be empowered to rent the holiday accommodation to other guests.

Customers who do not reserve a property, or who let an option expire will forfeit all their rights to submit a claim. IVV.SL will be fully exempt from any claims for damages or claims of any other nature.


Penalties for cancellation in favour of IVV.SL are governed by the Spanish Urban Lease Law (L.A.U. 29/1994).

Guests who wish to cancel or annul a reservation must do so in writing.

The penalty for cancelling a reservation will depend on the amount of time left between the cancellation date and the first day of occupancy provided for in the reservation.

Penalties will generally be set at 20% of the total price of the reservation, as indicated on the reservation deposit invoice.

The following rules and timeframes will apply:

Cancellation between 90 and 60 days before the agreed occupancy date            40%
Cancellation between 59 and 30 days before the agreed occupancy date 60%
Cancellation between 29 and 8 days before the agreed occupancy date 90%
Cancellation between 7 days and the agreed occupancy date 100% of the full price

Any invoices that guests have already paid will be deducted from the cancellation penalty. If the amount already paid by a guest is higher than the penalty, resulting in a positive balance for the guest, any excess amount to be refunded by IVV.SL to the guest will be payable within ten business days.


If a guest ends their stay early for reasons that are not attributable to IVV.SL, they will not be entitled to claim a full or partial refund of the price paid. The holiday accommodation has been exclusively reserved for the entire agreed term and can therefore not be rented to another guest.

If a guest cancels their trip, they may appoint another person to replace them with respect to IVV.SL in connection with all rights and obligations arising from the agreed reservation/contract.


The holiday accommodation may only be used as accommodation and may only be occupied by the number of people indicated in the reservation confirmation.

Guests are not permitted to hold parties or celebrations with other people in the holiday accommodation. This may be allowed in specific cases, provided IVV.SL has given express authorisation.

Plans for parties must be declared before the reservation is made and will be included in the reservation confirmation. However, parties are not permitted in general and are therefore prohibited.

If guests notice any damage when they arrive at the holiday accommodation, or if anything is damaged during their stay, this must be reported to IVV.SL without delay so it may be remedied. IVV.SL personnel are expressly permitted to access the holiday accommodation to carry out repairs.

If guests damage the property due to negligence, they will be required to reimburse all expenses incurred to repair the damage.

It is not permitted to have pets in the holiday accommodation. In specific cases, special rules can be agreed with IVV.SL before the reservation is made, which will be indicated in the reservation confirmation. 

Some holiday accommodation properties are equipped with terraces containing plants or small gardens, which require watering once every seven or eight days.

IVV.SL personnel are authorised to access the property within the above timeframe to tend to green spaces. Times when personnel may access the property must be agreed with the guest staying there.

When the reservation period / stay ends, guests must leave the premises in an appropriate state of repair and return all the keys to IVV.SL. IVV.SL personnel are authorised to inspect the accommodation together with the guest to ensure it is returned in an appropriate state of repair.


The General Terms and Conditions of Contract are made available on the IVV.SL website.

By making a reservation, guests expressly agree to the IVV.SL General Terms and Conditions of Contract and recognise the full validity of the same.

If a guest fails to respect the terms and conditions of the contract, IVV.SL will be entitled to terminate the contract and cancel the reservation without prior notice.

If IVV.SL terminates the contract for the above reason, the guest will not be entitled to submit any kind of claim.

If a guest causes damages to IVV.SL due to non-compliance or a serious failure to observe the terms and conditions of the contract, they (the guest) will be required to reimburse IVV.SL and pay for all damage. However, any damage caused, and the cost any resulting repairs, must be confirmed by IVV.SL.

The holiday accommodation properties are surrounded by greenery and car parks. Therefore, be aware that there will be ants, beetles and other wild animals (cats) in the area. This will not pose any difficulty for your stay. Therefore, the presence of such wildlife will not be grounds to submit a claim against IVV.SL.

The IVV.SL General Terms and Conditions of Contract are in accordance with prevailing legislation and are governed by Spanish Urban Lease Law 29/1994.