Important information for our guests

Traveler Registration Requirement

Dear costumer, it is our duty to have a registration form for each costumer. Every person older than 16 years has to sign up with personal information, the temporary abode and the duration of your vacation. The registration form is only available in Spanish, but for your comfort there is a translation in English and German for your information. Please fill in the Spanish version!

The collection and treatment will be done in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and protection of the provisions of Article 12.1 of Organic Law 1/1992, of February 21, on Protection of Citizen Security.

Upon arrival, the form will be filled clearly and legibly. The data will be registered by IVV.SL in the electronic reporting system of the competent authority. According to legal regulations, the originals must be kept for 3 years.

Local points of contact

Do you have any questions or requests?

Simply send us an E-Mail. You can also write us on WhatsApp or call us at one of the phone numbers given below.

Your point of contact in german

Ms. Brigitte Loosli
0049 - 172 777 46 75

Your local points of contact in english and spanish

Ms. Brigitte Loosli
0049 - 172 777 46 75

Ms. Gabriella Biffiger
0034 - 626 20 69 20

Mr. Jörg Braun
0034 - 626 20 69 20

Drinking water

Water is very scarce and precious on Lanzarote, as on all Canary Islands. The drinking water obtained in desalination plants is often heavily chlorinated for hygiene reasons. We recommend buying the drinking water bottles available in supermarkets for drinking purposes. Carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water is available.

Swimming at a beautiful beach

The beach is free of dangerous undercurrents. However, please observe the lifeguard station's flag signs in any case

Red absolute bathing prohibition
Yellow Caution when bathing
Green Bathing possible without danger
White with two jellyfish signs
Warning of the presence of jellyfish in the sea


General caution at high tide:

Do not swim too far out to sea. Be sure to observe the flag signs of the available rescue stations. A high tide creates potentially dangerous undercurrents. Beaches with possible undercurrents are specially marked with signs.

Outside showers on the terraces

The shower water drains mainly in the planters and it´s used to water the plants and flowers.

For this reason, please use the outdoor shower only for refreshment or showering after the beach. Please don´t use soap or shampoo because the plants could be damaged.

Maintenance of the gardens

Our IVV-Service Team tries to keep the gardens in the best possible condition, so sometimes it’s necessary that they have to work there during your stay. But of course we try to minimize these times to guarantee you a comfortabe visit.

Of course you will be informed in advance.

Desires for additional invent

If you need some equipment features which are not already in your house, (e.g. Wine glasses, corkscrews, can opener,... ) we have them in our stores.

If necessary, we can also provide you baby equipment like beds, chairs, toys, etc:

Please contact our service staff.

Ms. Gabriella Biffiger
0034 - 626 20 69 20

Mr. Jörg Braun
0034 - 626 20 69 20

Avoidance of vermins!!!

To avoid vermins such as ants please clean up the leftovers of your food and the dishes as fast as possible. In addition, please store your foods in the fridge.

Attention! Opportunity makes thieves!

When you leave the house, please make sure that you have locked every door and window. Especially the doors have to be separate locked with the key to be correctly closed, not only close it.

Do not leave your rental car alone with the key inside. Please make sure that you don’t leave valuables in the car or at the terrace when you’re not there.

Our asks and wishes to you

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Parasols and awnings

At Costa Teguise it's sometimes very windy, so please close the parasols when they are not needed to ensure that they don't fly away and cause damages.

Waste disposal

Please remove all waste as soon as possible and put it in the waste bin.

Please pack the waste in closed bags and dispose of it in the designated public containers after at least 2 days. Thank you

Water damage or burst pipe in the house

Water damage or burst pipe in the house

If there is a burst pipe in the house, the first thing to do is to turn off the main water tap. You will find the main tap on the outside wall of the house facing the street. Turning it off to the right stops the water supply.

Immediately inform our service on 0034 – 626 20 69 20.

Please also report the damage to the IVV branch office at C.Vieja 11.

This is the only way to minimise the damage and have it repaired quickly.

Emergency call & local police

Emergency call 112

You can reach the medical emergency number by calling 112!

No area code or similar necessary.

The callers are mostly multilingual. Please give precise information about your whereabouts.

Local police

Guardia Civil

Puesto de Costa Teguise
0034 / 928 592 100

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